Thanksgiving Turkey Card

Thursday, November 6, 2014

We sent these Thanksgiving Turkey Cards out to family and friends last fall. Although they are 3-D they're actually very easy to make!

For the feathers, score lines every .5" on a piece of scrap paper about 8" long and about 1.5-2" wide.
Tip: If making more than one, score a larger sheet of paper then cut to save time on scoring!

After I scored the paper, I cut it in half since I would use it for two feathers.  Fold the paper like an accordion using the scores.

Bend the accordion to make a half circle.  Attach the ends to the card. Use a hot glue gun to catch the folds to secure the rest of the 'feathers' to the cards.
I cut out the turkey body using my cricut and Animal Kingdom cartridge, then glued wiggly eyes for something fun. 

Inside the card I attached the 'Gobble Gobble' which were also cut out using the cricut.  Only the ends are glued so the phrases pop out when the card is opened.

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