Spooky Deodorants

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What do you get guys for Halloween? Spooky Deodorants. 
 I got all of these at the dollar store and transformed them using paper and wiggly eyes. 
 Here's how they use to look:





Smell My Feet Halloween Treats

When I found ghost toe separators and Halloween nail files at the JoAnn's dollar aisle, I thought it would be fun to give as Halloween gifts for the girls in place of candy.  I stumbled upon the labels here on My Sister's Suitcase blog via pinterest which were perfect for completing the gift!  So glad I found them!

Here's what I included: Halloween themed toe separators and nail file, nail polish, and foot soaking salts.

The salts are just epson salt mixed with bath oil, then I put them in individual bags, downloaded a skeleton Halloween font and made labels.

Here they are all set to be mailed out!

Mummy Cards

Friday, October 28, 2011

The blog is back!  Just in time for Halloween!  I took a break while some work was getting done on our house and everything was a mess!

I made these mummy cards at craft club.   I just ripped white paper then rubbed the edges against a black ink pad to make them black.  Each one has its own personality! Here's the inside:
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