Gift Wrap Stash 101

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fancy grift wrap stations, closets, even rooms are all over Pinterest and organizing sites.  All I have to say to that is good for them, as I think they're more for show than for function.  Besides my wrapping paper rolls which are neatly organized in the closet as seen here, all of my giftwrapping goods fit into one box like this:

That box sits nicely on the shelf, easily accessible but clutter-free like this:

Although it's great to keep a few items on hand to wrap a last minute gift, I don't see the need to devote a ton of storage space in my house to gift wrap.  I find that I usually purchase packaging to match the theme of my gift or the recipient's interests, so I don't often dig into my stash. Therefore, I'm very intentional with what I buy to keep on hand, so storing it doesn't get out of hand! Here are my tips on what to have:
Basic White and Kraft Paper Gift bags-These are great beacuse they can work for any occasion rather than storing wrap for every life event.  Since I do have an entire room of craft supplies, it's easy to decorate them for any occasion, use colored tissue paper, or tie something fun onto the handles.

Colored Favor Bags- These small bags are inexpensive and don't take up much space.  They are easy to embellish and work great for kids gifts, treats, or simple 'just because' gifts that don't need to be wrapped fancy.

Dollar Store Gift Bags-Dollar stores have some of the most fun gift bags, and the best part is that they don't cost more than the gift!  I also keep bags given to me to re-use, but only if they are still in pristine condition.  I know I won't give them if they're beat-up, so why hang onto them?!? If you go through a major life even such as a wedding or new baby, keep the basic bags and give some of the event specific bags to a friend or co-worker.  Why hang onto 30+ wedding bags?

Bubble Mailer Envelopes-These tend to get used more than actual wrap since I like to mail gifts and treats to friends I don't see often!  They are a pain to run out and get when you need them, so I keep them with my gift wrap stash.

Re-useable Gift Bags-At the same price as traditional gift bags, these re-useable gift bags hold-up well and don't get wrinkled and damaged.  The recipient can re-gift them or use them for everyday errands.  They can also tote heavy gifts, like a couple bottles of wine!

Fun Bows and Embellishments- Dollar stores also have a lot of fun bows that help make gifts look attractive and exciting!  I like to have a few on hand to make things special, but since they take up a bit of space I only stock-up on the ones that are really fun.

Decorative Filler-This is available at the dollar store as well.  I like to use it in place of tissue paper in bags and packages.  Not only is it more fun, but it holds up well for storing, wrapping, and re-using and doesn't get wrinkled and grubby like tissue paper.

Small Boxes and Embellishments-I keep all small boxes, bags, and embellishments in a clear ziplock bag so they don't sink to the bottom of my gift wrap box. If you can't find them you won't use them!

Spa Birthday Gift

Sunday, March 16, 2014

For my 28th birthday, my brother and sister-in-law sent  me '28 things to use for a spa day'.  It was such a neat idea that I had to post it!

I came home from work travel two days before my birthday to a giant box filled with goodies---what a fun surprise! All 28 items were individually wrapped in fun tissue paper, so I got to unwrap each one separately, extending the fun.  

Here's a photo of everything I got! Wine and chocolates, candles, fun zebra print towels and washcloths that match both of my bathrooms, and of course every bath and body item you could imagine!

'Craft Room Survival Kit' Retirement Gift

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Friend Kathee who hosts our craft club recently retired. She plans to spend more time crafting now that she is retired, so I put together this 'Craft Room Survival Kit' as a gag gift to celebrate her retirement!

Here are the items I included in the kit:
·      Candle & Matches- to continue crafting through the night if the electricity goes out
·      Coupon Organizer-because you shouldn’t buy anything at Michael’s without a coupon!
·      Notepad-to jot down ideas, keep a list of projects, or start a tally to keep track of the days!
·      Dessert Gum-a hands-free dessert to keep you crafting without missing one of the best things in life
·      Waterless Toothbrushes-incase you can’t bring yourself to get away from the crafts, even to go across the hall to brush your teeth
·      Water-to stay hydrated, or for a sudden need to paint with watercolors
·      Nutrition Bar-for extra stamina
·      Energy Chews-for those really intense stamping projects
·      Extra Adhesives-to run out is truly an emergency. Don’t let anything slow you down!
·      Lotion-don’t let flipping through all that cardstock with dry hands leave you prone to paper cuts!
·      Small Containers-to contain those small pieces that could be hazardous (or just make a mess)
·      Card Magazine-to overcome a case of crafters block
·      Postage Stamps-incase of a true emergency, quickly make a card and send it out asking for help

Inside I included a list of all of the items: 

The sides of the box included 'Emergency Contacts':

Beach Vacation Must Haves

Sunday, March 2, 2014

With Spring break right around the corner I though I'd share my personal Beach Vacation Must Haves!

1.  Eyelash Tinting- If you have blonde eyelashes like me, dying them black before your vacation is a must! It only costs about $15 and there is no need to wear mascara and worry about it running when you get out of the pool. Read more here.
2. Longchamp 'Le Pliage - Large' Tote- I travel a fair amount for work and pleasure and I couldn't do it without this bag!  It's large enough to hold everything, even my laptop when traveling for business but also folds up so it can be packed.  I use it as my purse/personal item on the plane, and just take my clutch wallet out to go to dinner.  There are a lot of knock-off's, but the quality of the real thing is worth it!
3.  Snacks-I've learned to never travel without a snack, because more often than not I'm running to a connection with no time to grab dinner. My favorites are KIND bars and string cheese.
4. Headphone Splitter- perfect for watching in-flight movies on the iPad with my hubby.
5.  24oz. Trevis Tumbler- Perfect for an all-inclusive resort with a swim-up bar. Generous in size and keeps drinks cool.  Get the extra lid and straw and it's perfect to take on a floatie!
6. Chocolate-What's the one thing all inclusive resorts don't have? A piece of chocolate in the cupboard whenever I want one just like I have at home.  I bring my own to survive!
7.  Minnetonka Moccasin Slippers-Most resorts down south have tile floors in the rooms and the AC on high.  A pair of slippers help keep my feet warm.
8.  LUSH Bath Bombs-I bring my own bath bombs to take full use of the jacuzzi's in our hotel rooms.  These from LUSH can easily be split into two.
9.  URBANHALO Headbands- These are great for pulling bangs and wet hair back at the pool to look cute with no effort. These are my favorite as they are wide, so comfortable, hold up in the wash, and made in MN!
10. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray-perfect for the beachy wave look without the crunch of mousse.  Just spray and scrunch and hair is ready in 5 minutes.
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