Pinterest Fail: Washing Legos in the Washing Machine

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A few weeks ago I found a huge bin of legos at Goodwill and I had a 25% off coupon--major score! I thought they would be great to own for when kids visit.  Like most things from Goodwill, I immediately thought about how I would wash all of these tiny interlocking bricks before setting out in my home.  I had seen legos washed in mesh bags many times on Pinterest, so for the $4 mesh bag investment I knew how to easily go about this (or so I thought.....)

In order to get rid of all of the loose junk mixed in with the legos, I picked out each lego individually and put them into the mesh bag.  I put the bag in the washing machine on hot, with bleach.  I peeked in half way through the cycle and the legos were floating!!! They completely ripped through the mesh bag and were loose! I figured it couldn't hurt and left it go. 

After the wash was complete, what was left of the legos in bag were completely tied up around the agitator. I had to cut it loose with a scissors.  After getting that out, there was about 6" of loose legos I had to scoop out by hand and put on beach towels to dry.  Some of the larger legos used as a flat base got cracked in the wash also, but are still ok to use.
When its all said and done, I probably spent 3+ hours of my life cleaning my discount Legos.

DIY Reminder Tag

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My husband often forgets his lunch, not because I'm a bad cook but by accident.  Sometimes he leaves it in the fridge but I usually find it sitting on top of the cabinet in the entryway.  I've actually learned to look for it so I can put it back in the fridge.

We were joking about how often he forgets it and that he needs something in his face to remind him. Being crafty, I went into my gift wrap stash and grabbed an inexpensive chalkboard tag I had purchased from Michaels and was saving for gifting a bottle of wine. Using chalk I wrote 'LUNCH' across the tag and the reminder tag was done!

We keep it on a 3M hook inside of the cabinet in the entryway and put it on the door knob after dinner if there are leftovers.  Since the chalk is easy to wash off, we can use this to remind ourselves about anything before leaving the house.

Simple Scrap Cards

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sometimes the simplest cards can be the most elegant, so for card making I'm always looking for simple ideas that I can easily mass produce and if I can do it using scraps that's a bonus.  I had found a similar card on Pinterest that I really liked. Instead of reading the directions I eye-balled the size of the design and cut.  Well, it was not the right size so instead I came up with this design to use all of the 'pedals' that I had cut, which turned out even better! 

Here's how I did it:
-Cut colored card stock into 1" squares (4 of color #1, 3 of color #2, and 3 of color #3)
-Using a corner rounding punch, round two opposite corners of each square
-Starting in the upper right hand corner, glue the first pedal of color #1 (the one with 4).  Work your way down and across the paper.
-Stamp a sentiment and that's it!

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