Simple Kitchen Menu Board

Sunday, November 18, 2012

 I find it's great to list what I plan on making each night so Chris can start making dinner if he gets home before me.  Sometimes I just list out all the things I could possibly make with the staple food I know we have, and we pick out meals from the list.
I wanted a chalk-board for my kitchen to plan meals on.  My kitchen is grey with white cabinets and black countertops and hardware, so I thought a chalkboard would look great on the grey walls....
....and cluttered in the limited wall space....and dirty when the chalk dust got everywhere. 
Since I had become anti-chalkboard I was excited to find this decorative dry-erase board at Staples.  It has a sticker back so it can go anywhere without sticking out, making it perfect for this empty spot on the side of my fridge, convenient but un-noticed and out of the way:

 I added a magnetic stainless steel cup below to hold pens and they dry erase marker, as well as a paper notepad for grocery lists, since I need to be able to take lists with me.

Half Birthday Party

Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Mother-in-Law turns 50 this year, and rather than throwing her an expected 50th Birthday Party we decided to really surprise her with a 49 1/2 Birthday Party on a Thursday night, exactly 6 months before her 50th Birthday!
I wanted the party to be fun, colorful, and very 'birthday-ish', almost like a kid's party since it wasn't a 50th Birthday Party!  
We served a taco bar since it was fun, easy, and everyone loves Tacos!
The invitations--Lots of mixed colors and patterns. I tore the edged to make the paper look like it was ripped in 'half'.
 Thanks for 'Half'ing a good time candy favors, since a lot of kids attended.

Birthday straws for the Margaritas made out of ripped paper scraps to match the 'Half' theme.

 Plenty of Mexican Beers......
 .....and of course Margaritas!
 Half Chocolate, Half Funfetti Cupcakes
Half decorated with '4', Half with '9'
Half purple, Half teal (do you get the theme here?)
'Trix' crispy bars to match the bright color theme

Birthday Banner so she would know what the party was for when she walked in

Taco Bar

30th Birthday Love

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My sister-in-law recently turned 30.  Here are some of the '30th' themed gifts I put together for her:
'Thirty Blows' Gum
"Thirty Sucks' Suckers

'You're Flippin' Thirty' Flip Flops

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