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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

When I make homemade gifts, I like to create homemade 'packaging' to go with it.  This not only makes the item look like it came from a high-end boutique, but it lets the recipient know that you made it just for them.  In addition, for jewelry like the Scrabble Tile Pendant necklaces I just made, it keeps them from getting missed in a larger gift package.  
Here's how I made some simple labels for the necklaces:

The supplies are simple: 
-large and small punch 
-card stock
-rubber stamps

I used the large circle punch to create the tag.

Using a small heart, I punched a hole it in the tag for the necklace to go through. I punched the heart close to the edge so it would fit in the clasp and not slide around on the necklace.

After lying the tag on a piece of scrap paper, I stamped the tag. I used a 'Handmade with love by' stamp, but any image would work.

I also stamped my name so they would know it was made by me and not by a high-end boutique.  If you don't have a stamp with your name you could simply write it or scribble your initials.

I love that he stamped extend past the tag creating a 'less perfect' look.

Here is the final tag on the clasp of a necklace!

I used a similar concept to make tags for my Memory Wire Bracelets.  The bracelet just slides through a hole in the card an the beads hold it in place.

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