DIY Photo Booth

Sunday, February 26, 2012

For our Valentine's Day Party we created a photo booth in my craft room so guests could take their photos throughout the night!

We took photos using the Photo Booth program on my Mac, which is this Icon:

It's so easy, all you do is click on the camera and it counts down, 3..2...1... and starts taking pictures!

It takes 4 pictures and they end up in one photo like this:

To create the background, I used rolls of pink paper which we just taped to the wall. I added some Valentine's decorations to give it a 'Prom backdrop' feel:

We set out props for people to use in their pictures, including pink boas, 'LOVE' letters to hold, angel/cupid wings, valentines antennas, and a fun hat.

Here we are! It was a lot of fun and basically free to make, we just had to pay to have them made into 4x6 prints at Target!

Cupid's Cocktail Valentine's Day Party

Monday, February 20, 2012

I just LOVE Valentine's Day, and this year was the best Valentine's Day EVER!
The theme of the party was 'Cupid's Cocktail' so everyone wore cocktail party attire. 

Here are some pics from before the party started:
Chris let me go all out which was awesome!  We rented a helium tank and blew-up 150 red and pink balloons.  I had wanted to do this for  party ever since I saw it on Sex and the City the movie!

We created a photo booth in my craft room, another thing I've always wanted to do for a party.  After the party I had the pictures printed and sent to everyone in homemade valentines.

Instead of a table cloth, I put red mylar gift basket stuffing all over the table to glam it up.

The dessert bar, complete with chocolate dipped strawberries,
 four kinds of homemade truffles, and mini cheesecakes.

We served cosmos to fit in with the cocktail party theme, and they're red so it was perfect!

Valentine's Day Decor

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Here are some of the decorations I have up for Valentines Day! They'e all very inexpensive or free, most are just paper!  Swapping out my regular frames with seasonal printables saves a lot of money on decorations, and storage space!
 Free printables found here
 Cans of fake roses over the kitchen sink
 I made this by cutting paper hearts, folding down the center, and gluing the hearts into the shadow box along the fold.
 Free printable found here
 Just glitter paper hearts on a scrapbook paper background
 Tissue paper puffs
Felt heart garland is from Pier1
 Free printables above and below are from this site

'LOVE' Letters cut out of glitter paper

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