DIY Magnetic Notepads

Sunday, November 2, 2014

I had a bunch of blank notepads to use, so I decided to turn them into personalized fridge notepads to give as gifts!  Although they're not really that 'homemade', they're something everyone can use and can be personalized with the stamps used.

1.) Stamped each page in the notepad. I chose stamps that reminded me of the people I was going to give them to. This was easy but took a while--great to do while watching a movie.

2.) Cut a piece of magnetic tape (found at Michael's) and attach to the top of the back of the notepad.

3.) Since the tape comes rolled-up, it has a tendency to want to bend.  Lay the notepads on a flat surface with a few heavy books on top to hold the magnetic tape tight against the notepad backer until it sets.

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