Outdoor Fall Floral Arrangements

Sunday, October 21, 2012

These are our outdoor pots on the front step for Fall/Thanksgiving, until the Christmas trees come out!
They're not my best craft ever, but I thought I'd post since there wasn't much inspiration on-line when I was looking!

I started with the pots I had the summer plants in (and even left the brown dead grass of one summer plant, bad I know, but it was a good filler!)
I added light-up tree branches that I already had, and bought some fall floral from Michaels. I'm a big fan of buying fake floral so you don't have to buy it each year :-).  I purchased fake wheat for height, grass with gold tips for color and greenery, cattail-type weeds for texture, and dark purple fuzzy ball things for color, texture, and interest. I also placed a medium pumpkin, mini pumpkin, and green/yellow squash in each bucket to help fill them up.

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