Birthday Balloon Wreath

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I made this balloon wreath at Craft Club to hang on the door for Birthdays--like this:
It was pretty east to make and looks really neat.  There are may tutorials on-line and on pinterest, but here's my advice:
1.) Start with a foam wreath like the one above from Joann's. It's east to put pins in. Don't mess with a straw/wicker wreath.
2.) Use straight pins to pin the balloons to the wreath--just stick the pin right though it. Some people use 'U' shaped pins to pin the balloons down, but they are just too expensive!
3.) If you're going to push in 200+ pins with the same index finger, spend $3 on a thimble. Not the old school one that looks like a barbie drinking cup that's useless, but a gel-lined,  adjustable one that only covers the bottom half of your finger that pushes the pins in.
4.) I used 210 balloons, 30 of each of the 7 colors:
5.) I got all of the balloons at Target (Two-15ct. packs of each color) except for Teal and Orange. I had to go to the party store for those colors to round out the assortment.
6.) This might be common sense, but I'll say it. Don't put balloons on the back side.  They won't get seen, it won't lay flat, and you'll spend more $ on the project if you do.

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