Garage Sale Kit

Sunday, June 5, 2011

For Mother's Day, I got our moms purses.  I planned on filling them up with typical purse things to complete the gift.  Since both my Mom and Mother in law love garage sale shopping, I decided to make them into Garage Sale Kits!

Here's what I included:
Hands Free Purse: For grabbing deals before no one else does

 Garage Sale Listing: The list I included can be found here.

 Energy Bar: Incase you want to shop all day

 Extra Bag: In Case you want to buy a lot

 Coin Purse: Because the best things are always under $1

 Hand Sanitizer: Because you never know who had it before you........

Coffee: For those 8 am Sales 
(A Caribou or Starbucks gift card would also work here)

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