Flea Market Centerpiece

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's been hard to find a substantial centerpiece for our dining room table, since it's almost seven feet long!  Our dining room chandelier has cylinder lights similar to pillar candles, so I try to stay away from centerpieces with candles.

I found this at a flea market with my friend Amy. I thought it would make a cool centerpiece.
I think it's a drawer?!?  It had this cool writing on one end.....
........and these cool numbers stamped on the side.
I found all of the other supplies at Michael's.  Fake plants, moss, floral foam bricks, and a hot glue gun.
Rather than glue the foam down, I just set it in the drawer incase I ever wanted to get it out and use the drawer for something else (a vertical hanging shelf, an outdoor planter, a holder for party favors, program holder at a vintage wedding.........I have lots of ideas!)
Here's a close up of the moss I bought.  I love the bright pink next to the lime green.
I glued the moss to the bricks to hide any gaps between the bricks and the edge of the drawer.
After all of the gaps had been filled in and the bricks were fairly well covered, I just stuck the fake plants into the foam bricks.
I used about six different types of fake plants, going for a variety of texture.
Here it is all done! Makes for a great summer centerpiece!

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