Fireplace Wall

Monday, May 30, 2011

After searching for over a year for a piece of artwork to go in our dining area, I couldn't find anything that had the 'wow' factor I was going for.  I saw a ventless gel fireplace on the DIY network and thought it would be perfect for the 5' wall in our dining area.  The rock ads great texture, and it was an easy way to add a 'fireplace' to our upper level where there wasn't one.

First, Chris ripped out the sheetrock and put up cement board so the stone would have something to stick to.
We custom picked each piece of stone to fit perfectly without cutting.  We stacked the stone up to the height where we wanted the fireplace box.  Since the fireplace doesn't need any ventilation, all we had to do for installation was hang it.

The gel fireplace box that we used can be found here.  It has a box that holds gel fuel that creates an odorless, smokeless flame as seen in this picture from the manufacturer:

We often just burn candles in ours too, as shown here:

Before                                                           After

We love our gel fireplace!  It's a great focal point of our dining and living area, and we now have a fireplace upstairs!

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