Personalized Onesie Using Cricut

Sunday, July 31, 2016

We've had a lot of friends have babies in the past year. A lot.  So the crafter in me has been trying to keep-up by making personalized onesies as gifts!  It's simple to do with a Cricut machine and I love that they're inexpensive and personalized!

Creating Iron-on Letters with Cricut
Use Cricut brand iron-on paper, available in plain or glitter
High Blade Setting: Med Speed, Med Pressure, Blade @ 3

1.     Test what you want to cut on regular paper before raising the blade to make sure you have the correct sizing without wasting iron-on paper
2.     When ready to cut iron-on paper, place iron on paper on mat plastic cover side down.
3.  Press the ‘FLIP’ button and type the word you want to cut backwards, so you would type ‘DEBBIE’ in as ‘EIBBED’
4.     Make sure the blade is set on ‘3’ and cut
5.     If using a large sheet of iron-on, cut around the image you cut with a scissors
6.     Remove negative space so only what you want to keep remains on the sticky plastic cover
7.     Stick cut-out onto material and iron right over the plastic.
8.     Peel off the plastic, and the letters will be stuck to the fabric! If there are any loose corners, simply iron them back down.

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