DIY Bottles for Glass Door Shower

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Last year we remodeled our main floor bathroom, which we also use as the master. It's a fairly small bathroom so we wanted to install a glass shower door to make the room appear larger, and to make it have more of a 'Spa' feel.  My biggest concern was not what tile to install, but what do with out shampoo bottles since they'd now be visible to the world.  

Here is an example of the products we had in our bath.  No way was I having green and orange packaging in my new spa bath!

I looked all over for solutions but they simply don't exist. I couldn't believe it! I'm thankful I'm crafty because I don't know what non-crafters with glass shower doors do!

My goal was to make consistent white packaging for all of my products.  I was limited by the height of the shelf in my shower, but soon found these Fiji water bottles that fit.  They also came in different sizes that I could use for facewash, etc.  A couple coats of white spray paint and some pumps from Aveda was all it took to transform water bottles into our new shower set!

I ordered ceramic labels from Etsy, custom made for the specific products I use.  I found these bottles at AxMan Surplus for my bath bubbles and salts.

Here is how the bottles look in our new bathroom! I'm so glad to have it free of mis-matched orange and green bottles!

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