Colorful Deck Flowers Hack

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One of my best finds has been Costco's plant and flower baskets.  They're only $20 each which is very reasonable  even compared to plating your own, and the plants are full and overhanging so it doesn't take all summer for them to come in.  Every year I buy two for the front step and two for the deck.

This year I found some really funky plants for the deck, but I thought they lacked a pop of color. I didn't think there was room in the pots to add more flowers, so I thought I'd stick in some fake blooms (I probably couldn't keep real flowers alive anyway!)

I found these on clearance at JoAnn's and they were just the red/orange color that I wanted.  The tag said they were for indoor use only as colors would bleed, so I sprayed them with varnish before sticking them in the plant (proof I'm a better crafter than gardener).

 Before                                       After

The fake flowers are perfect for adding the pop of color that was needed. Now the deck is colorful and ready for a summer of deck sitting!

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