Simple Scrap Cards

Monday, January 19, 2015

Sometimes the simplest cards can be the most elegant, so for card making I'm always looking for simple ideas that I can easily mass produce and if I can do it using scraps that's a bonus.  I had found a similar card on Pinterest that I really liked. Instead of reading the directions I eye-balled the size of the design and cut.  Well, it was not the right size so instead I came up with this design to use all of the 'pedals' that I had cut, which turned out even better! 

Here's how I did it:
-Cut colored card stock into 1" squares (4 of color #1, 3 of color #2, and 3 of color #3)
-Using a corner rounding punch, round two opposite corners of each square
-Starting in the upper right hand corner, glue the first pedal of color #1 (the one with 4).  Work your way down and across the paper.
-Stamp a sentiment and that's it!

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