Pinterest Fail: Washing Legos in the Washing Machine

Thursday, January 29, 2015

A few weeks ago I found a huge bin of legos at Goodwill and I had a 25% off coupon--major score! I thought they would be great to own for when kids visit.  Like most things from Goodwill, I immediately thought about how I would wash all of these tiny interlocking bricks before setting out in my home.  I had seen legos washed in mesh bags many times on Pinterest, so for the $4 mesh bag investment I knew how to easily go about this (or so I thought.....)

In order to get rid of all of the loose junk mixed in with the legos, I picked out each lego individually and put them into the mesh bag.  I put the bag in the washing machine on hot, with bleach.  I peeked in half way through the cycle and the legos were floating!!! They completely ripped through the mesh bag and were loose! I figured it couldn't hurt and left it go. 

After the wash was complete, what was left of the legos in bag were completely tied up around the agitator. I had to cut it loose with a scissors.  After getting that out, there was about 6" of loose legos I had to scoop out by hand and put on beach towels to dry.  Some of the larger legos used as a flat base got cracked in the wash also, but are still ok to use.
When its all said and done, I probably spent 3+ hours of my life cleaning my discount Legos.


  1. OH no!!! I always washed mine in the dishwasher in a mesh rack.

  2. I also alway washed mine in the dishwasher in a mesh bag like you, halie. is there problem?


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