Wooden Birthday Calendar

Sunday, July 20, 2014

After seeing a lot of ideas for wooden birthday calendars on Pinterest, I thought it would be a fun gift for my husband's grandparents.  I don't think it's the perfect gift for everyone since it has to hang on the wall, but his grandparents are always so proud of how their family has expanded so I thought they'd love to display it.
I purchased these wooden disks from Michaels' for the birthdays.  They had the wooden hearts in 1 1/2" as well, so I bought those for the anniversaries.

I made this template on a block of wood so the holes would be directly across from each other and the birthdays would hang strait.  It was really helpful since I tried a few without it!

 I drilled the holes as close to the edge as I could without them cracking. Some did crack, so I would plan on buying extra.

After the holes were drilled I painted the wood chips with acrylic paint (and a glass of wine).  I chose to assign a different color to each of their kids, then use a lighter shade of that color for those grandkids, and an even lighter shade for the great-grandkids from that family.

 Writing on the circles and hearts was the easiest, since we would have needed really small stickers (I had to have my mom do it since my handwriting is horrible!) We wrote the name and date of the month on the front side, and the full date with year on the back.  'S' hooks from the hardware store connected the circles and hearts.

We screwed 12 eyelet hooks to the base of the board, one for each month.

I used sticker letters to label each month, since these letters were too small to neatly cut on the cricut.

I used my cricut to cut out 'FAMILY' on black vinyl.  This made it easy to just peel off the back and stick the letters onto the board.

I used a ruler as a guide to make sure the word 'Family' would be in a straight line.  When pressed against the edge of the board, the ruler I have just happened to be the perfect spacing for my letters!

I love how the finished product turned out, nice and colorful!


  1. I love this! What a wonderful gift.

  2. Love the way you made this board. Lots of pop with the different color tags!


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