Shark/Ocean Cupcakes

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I made these circling shark cupcakes for our luau.  They turned out pretty cool and all it took was some blue food coloring!

Start by whipping a can of white frosting using my mixer.  Whipping the frosting makes it more fluffy so its easier to pipe.

Drop a few drops of blue food coloring on the frosting after its been whipped.

Gently fold in the blue coloring, being careful not to mix too much.

Cut the corner of ziploc bag and insert the piping tip.  Scoop the frosting into the bag, adding more drops of blue if you'd like.

As the frosting is piped onto the cupcake, the white and blue mix further creating the ocean colors.

Top with two gummy sharks, or any other sea creature candy!

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