DIY Earring Holder

Sunday, July 21, 2013

 This DIY Earring holder works great for keeping all of my earrings that aren't studs. I love how it displays them so I remember what I have and don't just wear silver hoops with everything!

I started with a hallow frame.  This one game inside of a picture frame I used for my Scrabble art, sort of like a mat, so I had it lying around.  I measured my earrings so I had the spacing correct and marked where I wanted the stings to go.  I planned it so shorter earrings would go on top and longer earrings on the bottom.

I placed strings across the back side and held them tight to create tension while securing with hot glue.  I used some thin, grey, twine-like string that I already had.

 The finished product sets on my dresser and  leans against the wall  so the earrings can hang.

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