DIY Bedroom Rug

Sunday, July 14, 2013

When I couldn't find a rug to match my bedroom, I decided to paint one after seeing it done on-line.  My duvet cover is very textured, so I wanted something more flat, with a design, but not a busy design that would compete with the duvet.  I decided on thick stripes and used some leftover grey paint from the walls.  It dried a little darker than the walls which I love, as it matches without matching exactly.

 I started with an inexpensive rug from Ikea which is no longer sold (sad because I wanted to make another rug for my living room).  I taped off the stripes using painters tape. I started small incase I needed to change them, then taped across the entire rug.
Although the stripes ended up being even, the tape doesn't appear that way since I placed the tape on either the inside or outside of my line so the tape would lay completely on the areas that would remain white, leaving the entire area for the grey stripe exposed (the larger stripes below).
I applied three coats of paint with a small roller which was almost a quart of paint. I used placed plastic garbage bags underneath so if paint soaked through it wouldn't get on my floor.  After the paint dried, I removed the tape and sprayed the entire rug with scotch-guard to protect the white areas from getting dirty.

Here is the finished product! I love how it completes the room:
Before                                              After

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