Cuttlebug Folder Reference Ring

Sunday, July 5, 2015

It's so hard to remember what Cuttlebug folders I own, so one night at Craft club I decided to make a reference ring with samples of each folder. 

I simply cut white paper to size and embossed a sheet for each folder.  I folded a piece of washi tape over the top and punched a hole through it so I could put the sheets together on a ring.  I used a ring so it would be easy to add more as I buy more folders.

The tape not only kept the hole from tearing, but I used different colors for different size folders (regular, extra large, tags, and borders).

I store the ring all of my folders and sometimes put it in my purse when I'm shopping so I don't buy duplicates!  There are some folders that I hardly ever grabbed, but when I saw how the patterned looked embossed they were some of my favorites!

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