Lethal Luau Murder Mystery Party

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This past winter we hosted a Murder Mystery Luau to have some fun and bring to tropics to our long winter! Here are some of the things we included at our party:

These printable invitations from JC Penney 

Roles sent with invitations so guests could dress their parts

Our homemade tiki bar

Pink Flamingos in the plants

Tropical barware

Hawaiian Beers 

A painted Sunset, ocean, and volcano

Shark Cupcakes

Clam cookies and chocolate shells in graham cracker 'sand'


Shells and Sand

Tropical Scents

Cored Pineapple Pina Coladas

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  1. Pretty helpful information on this murder mystery party. Couple of months ago, I arranged St Patrick’s Day party at one of the lovely Venues in San Francisco. Decorated venue with fresh and beautiful flowers with ethnic ornaments and had an amazing event.


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