'Craft Room Survival Kit' Retirement Gift

Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Friend Kathee who hosts our craft club recently retired. She plans to spend more time crafting now that she is retired, so I put together this 'Craft Room Survival Kit' as a gag gift to celebrate her retirement!

Here are the items I included in the kit:
·      Candle & Matches- to continue crafting through the night if the electricity goes out
·      Coupon Organizer-because you shouldn’t buy anything at Michael’s without a coupon!
·      Notepad-to jot down ideas, keep a list of projects, or start a tally to keep track of the days!
·      Dessert Gum-a hands-free dessert to keep you crafting without missing one of the best things in life
·      Waterless Toothbrushes-incase you can’t bring yourself to get away from the crafts, even to go across the hall to brush your teeth
·      Water-to stay hydrated, or for a sudden need to paint with watercolors
·      Nutrition Bar-for extra stamina
·      Energy Chews-for those really intense stamping projects
·      Extra Adhesives-to run out is truly an emergency. Don’t let anything slow you down!
·      Lotion-don’t let flipping through all that cardstock with dry hands leave you prone to paper cuts!
·      Small Containers-to contain those small pieces that could be hazardous (or just make a mess)
·      Card Magazine-to overcome a case of crafters block
·      Postage Stamps-incase of a true emergency, quickly make a card and send it out asking for help

Inside I included a list of all of the items: 

The sides of the box included 'Emergency Contacts':


  1. That is so awesome Debbie! She'll get a real kick out of it. Bummed I'll be missing this week.

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