Felt Heart Wreath

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Although this heart wreath is made out of felt, it almost looks like roses from far away. It was easy and inexpensive to make, although it took some time!
I started with a 12" foam heart from JoAnn's.  I traced the bottom of a soup can to create a circle template, them cut about 200 circles out of red felt.  I folded the fabric to cut more than one a time, but it still took a while!
I then folded the circles in half, then half again, and used a pin to hold the fold and apply the felt circles to the front side of the foam heart.

I strongly suggest investing in one of these thimbles if you are going to be pushing in a lot of pins to make a wreath--totally worth it!

I pinned a pink ribbon to the back so the wreath could be hung. Here it is on my door!

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