Chalkboard Themed Christmas Cards 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

For this year's Christmas card I decided to be trendy and go with a chalkboard theme! We send out 120+ cards so I'm always looking for ways to keep the cost of our cards low.

PHOTO- 4x6 photos are much less expensive than ordering cards, so we included the greeting in our photo and just had prints made.  We made the chalkboard by purchasing a frame at Goodwill, spray painting it red, cutting a board and spray painting it with chalkboard paint before inserting into the frame.  We went to a lot that was selling Christmas trees to have our photo taken.

LETTER- I made the letter in powerpoint by downloading a chalkboard background and some chalkboard fonts.  We had Black and White copies made at Staples, as it would have burned through a lot of our ink!

NOTE-In some of the cards I included a short note.  To keep with the chalkboard theme, I used a white gel pen to write on black paper.

ENVELOPE-Red envelopes from Target added some color and matched the frame in our photo. I found a chalkboard Christmas greeting on Google Images which I copied into powerpoint, printed on full sheet labels, and cut out with a circle punch.  We printed the labels using the chalkboard fonts from the letter to tie in the theme.


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