'Cheer Sticks' College Football Kids Craft

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We made these cheer sticks with our friends' kids to wave and cheer on the Gophers a couple of weeks ago! It was hard to find College football crafts, so I wanted to share!

Supplies Needed:
2-Small Paper Plates, themed if possible
Ribbon, cut into pieces about 8-12" Long
Paint Stick
Football Embellishments if desired

Here are the Gopher dessert plates I used, which came in a party pack from Costco

Maroon and Gold ribbon, and some special Gopher ribbon I found at Michael's!

 I thought these felt football embellishments would also be fun, and I knew I'd use the other sports for other projects.

To make, tape the ribbons to the backside of a plate. Tape the paint stick to the back of the plate, then another plate on top! Here is a side view to see how it's held together:

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