Simple Kitchen Menu Board

Sunday, November 18, 2012

 I find it's great to list what I plan on making each night so Chris can start making dinner if he gets home before me.  Sometimes I just list out all the things I could possibly make with the staple food I know we have, and we pick out meals from the list.
I wanted a chalk-board for my kitchen to plan meals on.  My kitchen is grey with white cabinets and black countertops and hardware, so I thought a chalkboard would look great on the grey walls....
....and cluttered in the limited wall space....and dirty when the chalk dust got everywhere. 
Since I had become anti-chalkboard I was excited to find this decorative dry-erase board at Staples.  It has a sticker back so it can go anywhere without sticking out, making it perfect for this empty spot on the side of my fridge, convenient but un-noticed and out of the way:

 I added a magnetic stainless steel cup below to hold pens and they dry erase marker, as well as a paper notepad for grocery lists, since I need to be able to take lists with me.

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