Wine Tasting Party

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A few years ago I had a wine tasting birthday Party for my Mom.  
Here are the details:
The invitation.  Printed vellum over wine themed scrapbook paper
I got wine in mini plastic wine bottles, made everyone drink white Zin for a week until they were all empty, rinsed them out, and used them to mail the invitations.  I rolled the invites to fit inside and sealed them with a fresh cork.

The food table decorated with fake grapes and vines
Christmas lights draped over empty wine bottles made for easy decorations, and look really cool when it's dark!
We kept the wine cold in a decorative punch bowl filled with ice.
I made wine glass markers by printing wine sayings on paper and tying them to the glass stems
Wine tasting bookets so everyone could mark their favorites

For Favors, I made wine glass markers using colorful beads and charms that said 'Thank you'.  I tied the charms to little individual serving bottles of wine.  Everyone got to pick out their favorite kind to take home.

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  1. I loved my party! It was awesome!
    Love, Mom


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