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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I started to print my own Christmas gift tags which has saved a lot of time and money.  Rather than write 'From Chris and Debbie' on each gift, I just print it right on the tags.  I also type out who the gift is for, since we typically give gifts to the same people each year.

Here's what I used to make the tags:
Vellum paper printed with out 'To and From' and a cute design
Glittered scrapbooking paper for the background
Snowflake stickers
White ribbon
A Paper trimmer
Hole punch for the ribbon holes

Here are more examples:

I love that the tags all look clean and consistent, since my handwriting is anything but!
Each year I pick a color scheme for all of the wrapped gifts.  Some people think this is crazy but you have to wrap them anyway so why not just buy matching wrap? It's as easy as that and makes the gifts look like they came from a Macy's display!
This year everything is white and silver to match our white tree! 

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