Harley Davidson 50th Birthday Party

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When my uncle turned 50 last year, my aunt asked me to help her throw him a party. We decided to it Harley Theme, since they have Harley's and like to ride. It worked out well because it was mostly black (typical 50th birthday color) but the orange also made it fun. 

My Mom is a very talented cake maker--she makes all of our family cakes including the one pictured above!  She frosted the cake in white frosting, dropped yellow and red food coloring on the icing, them swilled it to make it look like flames! Of course we knocked off the Harley Davidson Logo and changed the 'Harley Davidson' to 'Happy Birthday'.

I found a ton of great Harley Davidson stickers and paper at the scrapbooking store that I used to make small details for the party.
We tried to make the menu biker themed! Here's what we had:

Purrin' Engine Pulled Pork Sandwiches
3 kinds of Chicken Wings (Buffalo, Jack Daniels Honey BBQ, & Garlic Butter & Herb)
Sturgis Style Potato Salad
Biker Beans
Cyclin' Cole Slaw
Chopper Chips
Vroom-vroom Veggies
Peanuts in shell (peanut bar style)

I made these food markers by printing out the text and graphic and gluing it onto the Harley scrap booking paper.

I printed out the Harley Davidson Logo to make napkin rings for the plastic silverware.

We got leftover large tin cans from a restaurant to set on tables for trash cans for the chicken bones and peanut shells.  My aunt had some Harley wrapping paper that we used to decorate them.

The entire family helped cook and set-up for the party. My Grandma even made bandanas for everyone out of flame material!  We all dressed like bikers! Here's me sporting mine while I made cole slaw in my mom's kitchen.

Just for fun, we had a 'Tattoo Parlor' so everyone could put on temporary tattoos for the party.  Since it was outside, we just set out the tattoos with some paper towels and a spray bottle.


  1. For the napkin rings what did you use for the glue to hold them?

    1. We just wrapped the paper around the napkin and held it in place with a piece of clear tape.

  2. Great great ideas!!!!!!!

  3. Could i buy some of the napkin rings from u

  4. Silly question, what size paper was paper used for napkin rings. Having a Jack Daniels party for my husband and love your idea

    1. I think I just printed the logo on a basic 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, then cut into 1" strips to make the napkin rings. So, 1"x8.5" then I either overlapped the excess or cut it off after wrapping around the napkins.


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