Anniversary Wish Box

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I made this anniversary wish box for my brother and sister-in law as a gift for their rehearsal dinner.  The concept of the anniversary wish box is simple but so great!  

All the guests received a blank note card and a dated envelope.  Everyone wrote the bride and groom a note, then placed it in their envelope without writing on the outside of the envelope.  The dates on the envelope marked the future anniversary when the bride and groom will open the note and discover who it was from. I included monthly anniversaries for the first year, and yearly anniversaries after that up to 25 years.  

At first I wasn't sure how it would go over, but everyone loved writing the bride and groom notes to read later! The rehearsal dinner was a great time to do the activity, since all their closest friends and family were there.

To make the anniversary wish box, I bought some paper and envelopes in the wedding colors at the paper store. I typed out the anniversary dates on my computer.
I used my letter stamps to create custom stationary for the couple.
Here are some examples of the dated envelopes--I just glued the printed paper onto the envelope so I didn't have to mess with labels.
Everyone got a notecard, envelope, and pen at their place setting.
I made instruction card tents that we set out on the tables so guest would know what to do.
A recipe card box was the perfect size to hold the cards!  This one was very inexpensive at Michaels, but not very pretty!
I put Mod Podge right on the box to recover it.

Here's the finished product--Peacock feathers to match their wedding theme!

Here are the cards set-out on tables at the dinner, along with the awesome bride and groom cake pops that my mom made for favors!

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