Sunflower Napkin Rings

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I came up with the idea to make my own Sunflower napkin rings after seeing these sunflower napkin rings at pier 1.  
I had to have them.  We had a sunflower field wedding, and I just thought that they were so cool.  Here is a photo of our wedding and the field of sunflowers my dad planted for us:
I had ooed and awed enough, so I finally went to Pier 1 to buy them.  Once I got there, I realized I had loads of fake sunflowers in my basement leftover from wedding decor that I could use to make my own.  see?

The chosen few:
 The plan was to glue then to cheap dollar store napkin rings or something similar, but when I couldn't find any to use as a base I decided to use elastic hair-ties.  They were less expensive and I know I'll use the leftovers.  Felt, a glue gun, and some florist tape was all I needed to get my sunflower napkin ring fix. Here's how:
 First tape the leaf directly to the elastic
 Then glue the leaf and elastic to a piece of felt about 1"x1"
 Cut the plastic stub from the back of the flower so it's flush
 apply glue to flower
 apply glue to the perimeter of the felt piece and attach it to the sunflower.

Here's the finished product. It's so easy and could easily be done with any type of artificial flower! 

The remaining flowers went in a vase of wine corks for decoration

 The perfect set-up for an anniversary dinner! Awwwe.

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  1. Thanks so much for the easy sunflower rings and for your great eplanaton of how to do


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