First Post from Our Hobby House

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hello, and welcome to Our Hobby House!

I thought what better for the first post than a picture of our actual hobby house--right?   My husband and I bought this foreclosed home just over 2 years ago. Complete with a fully stocked craft room, this is not just where most of my projects take place, it's a project in itself!! (Insert gratitude for a handy husband who never says no :-))  Oh yeah, get a good look, Our Hobby House will be getting a facelift soon.  Don't worry, I'll blog about the progress when it happens........

About me.  I love being creative, and any given day you can find me cooking, sewing, painting, shopping, decorating, party-planning, entertaining, thrift store shopping, or anything else I might get myself into!

Please look around and if you like what you see don't worry--I have plenty more ideas I'd like to share with you!  Please become a follower to receive up-dates!

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