Sunday, June 1, 2014

DIY Hawaiian Grass Skirt

This grass skirt is easy and inexpensive to make.  It can be used  as a costume or to decorate for a Luau. The best part is that it costs about $1 to make!

I came up for the idea when cruising through the dollar store for luau decor.  When I saw the green crepe streamers, I instantly thought grass skirt!  All you need is the crepe streamers, Frogtape brand painter's tape, and fake flowers if you like.

First cut the streamer into strips of your desired length.  I chose the length of my 'Tiki bar' counter to the floor. To make the measuring easy, I positioned two of my dining room chairs to equal the length I needed, then wrapped the crepe streamers around them.  With two simple cuts all of my streamers were cut.

 Next cut a piece of Frogtape to the width you want your skirt to be. Begin placing the strips of crepe streamers halfway on the tape so it can be folded over later. 

I spaced the streamers right next to each other, but they could be spaced less of overlap.

After all of the streamers have been applied, fold the tape over so there is no stickiness left exposed, creating a nice edge to the grass skirt.

I chose to use Frogrape because it's green.  When it comes time to tape the skirt to a table or wall for decor, I'll use the same green Frogtape so it appears seamless and won't cause any damages!